Mianite Reborn
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Welcome to Mianite Reborn. This is the Mianite you know and love rebuilt to be the greatest it can be. Featuring the largest set of mods we've ever included and a fresh coat of paint, this is the best modded experience to date! Build a tech empire, learn the arts of various magics, even wield the power of the mighty philosoher's stone to go from rags to riches quicker than you can imagine!

Inspired by the series of the same name from popular YouTubers CaptainSparklez, Syndicate, and more, we've taken the old Mianite and made it new again. You'll drool at the new graphics that won't kill your computer, you'll marvel at the sheer scale of content available, and you'll enjoy your time in singleplayer or joining us on the massive official server!